I am trying to buy into Swing UI design and trying to write GUI for my Java class assignment. It is a simple database application with CRUD functions and GUI. I have so far implemented backend with the manager classes (connected to database; to obtain from/store data) which serve as "model" part in my GUI and the view component, without any action so far. What I want to do now is somehow interconnect the two. I have created a controller class that encapsulates the view and the model (managers which returns the data). My problem now is, I think I have quite a misunderstanding about what to run and what not in the event dispatcher thread (which should be started with invokeLater() method as far as I understand). I also don't understand, by calling bare constructor for my view class (where all components are declared), do I actually start running some UI components or UI starts only after I create new JFrame? What about the controller class? Should it be run in EDT as well?

Here's code of my Main where I start the UI in with invokeLater():

AssignmentManager assignmentManager = new AssignmentManagerImpl(ds);
AgentManager agentManager = new AgentManagerImpl(ds);
MissionManager missionManager = new MissionManagerImpl(ds);

App gui = new App();

EventQueue.invokeLater(() ->
    JFrame frame = new JFrame();
    frame.setSize(500, 500);

Controller c = new Controller(assignmentManager, agentManager, missionManager, gui);

Thanks for your answers

  • Speaking for myself only, I suggest you describe what your application is supposed to do rather than enumerate its constituent classes. When all is said and done, the software we write is supposed to perform something useful for its end-user[s]. – Abra May 7 at 18:59

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