When I insert sound and use it in Pygame, it quits, and it shows me this error: Fatal Python error: PyEval_SaveThread: NULL tstate, I want to fix it....

I am using python 3.7.2 on Mac OS with Pycharme

-I tried deactivating the sound to be sure that it is the one causing the error, and it actually is, because when I deactivated, Pygame didn't quit nor showed me this error

-I tried changing the sound format from wav to ogg

-I tried putting the sound in the function not the events

-tried loading the image in the event

All of these didn't work, and tried random things, didn't know what to do...


    self.bulletOO = pg.mixer.Sound("Bullet.ogg")

if self.aimR:

elf.bullet = Bullet(self.player.rect.x + 90 - self.bulletSpeed,
self.player.rect.y + self.y)   

self.bullet.image = pg.image.load("bulletP-R.png")




self.bulletOO = pg.mixer.Sound("Bullet.ogg")


I expect to hear sounds without that the game quits, but It quits, and weirdly, it quits randomly. I mean, some rare times it doesn't quit but If I continue shooting (using the sound) it quits suddenly, and sometimes it quits from the first time...


Try this code:


And check the documentation here: https://www.pygame.org/docs/ref/music.html

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