I am using this docker container to build exercism.io exercises with Travis. My .travis.yml is below:

  - minimal

  - docker

  - docker pull jjmerelo/test-perl6

script: docker run -t --entrypoint="/bin/sh" -v $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR:/test jjmerelo/test-perl6 -c "zef install JSON::Fast && prove -r --exec=perl6 perl6"

When running, Travis fails to update the p6c mirror and is unable to find JSON::Fast, thus causing my tests to fail. A snippet of the error is shown below, with the full build logged here.

===> Searching for: JSON::Fast
===> Updating cpan mirror: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ugexe/Perl6-ecosystems/master/cpan1.json
===> Updating p6c mirror: http://ecosystem-api.p6c.org/projects1.json
===> Updated cpan mirror: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ugexe/Perl6-ecosystems/master/cpan1.json
!!!> Failed to update p6c mirror: http://ecosystem-api.p6c.org/projects1.json
===> Updating p6c mirror: http://ecosystem-api.p6c.org/projects.json
!!!> Failed to update p6c mirror: http://ecosystem-api.p6c.org/projects.json
===> Updating p6c mirror: git://github.com/ugexe/Perl6-ecosystems.git
===> Updated p6c mirror: git://github.com/ugexe/Perl6-ecosystems.git
No candidates found matching identity: JSON::Fast

Is there something I'm missing in my .travis.yml in order to get this working?


It should work if you try it again / zef update. JSON::Fast is actually in the cpan ecosystem, but the cpan ecosystem itself has been having issues the last couple of days.

The p6c ecosystem not updating is an unrelated issue (since JSON::Fast is in the cpan ecosystem). That can be corrected by updating zef -- zef install https://github.com/ugexe/zef.git

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Perhaps I misunderstood but I tried zef update && zef install JSON::Fast && prove -r --exec=perl6 perl6 and it failed again still saying no candidates found. – FlamingSquirrel May 7 '19 at 20:48
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    That's been failing in all my docker builds too. We need to find a solution about the p6c index. – jjmerelo May 8 '19 at 4:37
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    I'm rebuilding all my Dockerfiles from the bottom to use the new zef. Thanks, @ugexe – jjmerelo May 8 '19 at 5:31
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    Thanks both, it all seems to be working fine now! Build time is much faster than before, where I was installing moar every time! – FlamingSquirrel May 8 '19 at 9:35
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    @FlamingSquirrel I've uploaded a new version anyway, with the new rakudobrew and the new zef. If you download it now, it should be even better :-) – jjmerelo May 8 '19 at 15:48

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