In my game, I am trying to make it where a rectangle that is dropping has a randomly generated color in a list of three, and that every time a new rectangle is spawned, the color changes randomly to one of those three in the list. With the code I have now, it cycles very quickly between those three colors over and over again without stopping. I also want to figure out how to grab whatever color the block is and make adjacent blocks of the same color de-spawn, but I have had no luck trying to code that.

I have tried setting the color as a variable outside the while loop, but it only chooses the color randomly from the list once, and does not change again.


The list of rectangles is not sufficient. You need a list of colors, too.

colors = [red,green,blue]
colorChoice = random.choice(colors)
player = pygame.Rect(x,y,width,height)
copylist = []
colorList = []

Every time when a new block spawns, then a then current color has to be append to the color list and the current rectangle has to be append to the block list. Further a new random color has to be set.
Create a function which does the job and use a global statement to set the variables in global scope:

def newBlock():
   global player, copylist, colorList, colorChoice

   player.y = 50 
   colorChoice = random.choice(colors)

Call newBlock to spawn a new block and draw ech block in its color:

while run:    

    for event in pygame.event.get():
        if event.type == pygame.QUIT:
            run = False
        elif event.type == moveDownEvent:
            if player.y >= 390 or player.move(0, vel).collidelist(copylist) >= 0:
                newBlock() # <--- spawn new block
                player.y += vel
    keys = pygame.key.get_pressed()
    if keys[pygame.K_LEFT] and player.x > 168 and player.move(-vel, 0).collidelist(copylist) < 0:
        player.x -= vel
    if keys[pygame.K_RIGHT] and player.x < 330 and player.move(vel, 0).collidelist(copylist) < 0:
        player.x += vel
    if keys[pygame.K_DOWN] and player.y < 390:
        if player.move(0, vel).collidelist(copylist) >= 0:
            newBlock() # <--- spawn new block
            player.y += vel



    for i in range(len(copylist)):    
        pygame.draw.rect(win, colorList[i], copylist[i]) # <--- draw block with its color

    pygame.draw.rect(win, colorChoice, player)

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