I have a table with Standard Deviations and Means of many groups. Each group is labeled "Control" or "Treatment". Additionally, each group has a category for City and State. Every City-State combination has a control group.

I would like to compare the treatment group with the control group and do this by state and city. For example, compare the Treatment1 group (with City=A and State=X) with the association Control group (also with City=A and State=X).

I expect that some form of ANOVA is the correct test to use: this is how I would do it if I only do it to one treatment group and one control group. However, my table is larger and I would like to do the comparison on all groups in the table. Therefore, it is not clear to me how I can do the comparison by city-state. I pasted a table below (apologies for the formatting: it is my first time writing a question on StackOverflow). I only show states X and City A but I have many cities and several states.

Unfortunately, I do not have useful code. I am using R and I am convinced that this is an ANOVA Test. I was unable to find an appropriate way of grouping by city and state. I have looked at the following link and it is quite close: https://sebastiansauer.github.io/multiple-t-tests-with-dplyr/

-A--------Treatment1----------X-----(mean)--(st.dev)----------- X   
-A----------Control-------------X-----(mean)--(st.dev)----------- 1  
-A--------Treatment2----------X ----(mean)--(st.dev)----------- X   
-A--------Treatment3----------X ----(mean)--(st.dev)----------- X   

Ultimately, I would like a column at the end stating the P value of each treatment group compared to the control group by city and state, but I don't know if I am asking for unnecessary complications...

Any help would be really appreciated!

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