I would like to say, that I know, that many think, that Simple HTML DOM parser is a really bad choice for HTML parser. Still I need to use it at the moment.

I read some articles where it was described how to search by two or more attributes per one element. They proposed something like that and one possibility with array filtering

foreach ( tag[attr1=value] as tag1 )
   foreach ( tag[attr2=value] as tag2 )
      // print tag2[attr1=value,attr2=value]

My question is about native posibility for finding part by two attributes. I didn't find it in the manual, but not everything is always in the manual.

Does anyone know is there such way or similar tag2[attr1=value,attr2=value] or tag2[attr1=value attr2=value] or etc.?

$doc      = new DOMDocument();
@$doc->loadHTML( $html );
$xpath    = new DOMXpath( $doc );
$elements = $xpath->query( "//*/div[@class='name'][@id='someId']" );  

if ( $elements->length > 0 )
    foreach ( $elements as $index => $node )
        //get node detail here
  • Yes this is a nice example of DOMDOcument functionality, but as the topic says I need specifically Simple HTML DOM parser. If it's not possible 100%, then I need someone to say it with 100% percent knowladge, that it is so. – Eugene Apr 30 '11 at 8:01
  • you can not pars it 100% percent. It depends on HTML type I mean it show differences HTML to HTML. Also I did a mistak in example see check this $xpath->query( "//*/div[@class='name'][@id='someId'][class='SomeClassName']" – Mustafa Apr 30 '11 at 8:40
  • And still you're talking about DOMDocument. This question is distinctly about Simple HTML DOM parser -> simplehtmldom.sourceforge.net – Eugene Apr 30 '11 at 10:32

As I see there is no way to do that at the moment. It should be edited by author of this script or by some other developer/s willing to continue the development of this project. Don't know does the license allow it or not.


Never used Simple HTML DOM parser before. But its homepage says it works in jQuery way, so try tag[attr1=value][attr2=value] (jQuery: Multiple Attribute Selector)

  • Tried this one. Nope. If I did everything correctly then it doesn't work. – Eugene Apr 15 '11 at 7:53

As far as I can tell having looked through the simple_html_dom, there is no way other than a nested foreach loop to achieve the functionality you are looking for. There is no inbuilt support for tag[attr=val][attr2=val]

Additionally each selector acts simply to add to the returned nodes, never to take away from it so something like tag.class[attr=val] or tag#id[attr=val] which I tried as a work around which would have mimicked some similar functionality.

As well, I tried $html->find("div[attr=val]")->find("div[attr2=val2]") but this also failed as Simple HTML DOM returns an array of nodes rather than a new tree object making chaining impossible.

The best way to go is the way you've posted in your question.

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