I want to convert a File to a ByteData object in flutter. Something like this:

import 'dart:io';
File file = getSomeCorrectFile(); //This file is correct
ByteData bytes = ByteData(file.readAsBytesSync()); //Doesnt compile
return bytes; 

I understood that ByteData constructor receives the length of the amount of bytes and initialize them with 0, so I could do something like ByteData(file.readAsBytesStync().length); but then how do I fill them? What am I missing?

  • what do you need that ByteData for? – pskink May 8 at 16:41
  • @pskink I have an API library that receives a ByteData and post it to a server. I could change this library but on my particular case is not simple – Mauricio Pastorini May 8 at 16:52
  • but what if that file is 1GB long? would you like to read it all? – pskink May 8 at 16:55
  • so this code will do that: File('/some/file/to/read').openRead().listen((list) { ByteData data = Uint8List.fromList(list).buffer.asByteData(); // do something with 'data' }); – pskink May 9 at 5:18

I believe that the following should work:

import 'dart:io';
import 'dart:typed_data';

File file = getSomeCorrectFile();
Uint8List bytes = file.readAsBytesSync() as Uint8List;
return ByteData.view(bytes.buffer);

File.readAsBytes/File.readAsBytesSync are declared to return a List<int>, but the returned object is actually a Uint8List subtype. From there, you can extract its ByteBuffer and construct a ByteData from that.

If you're uncomfortable relying on File.readAsBytes/File.readAsBytesSync returning a Uint8List, you could construct a Uint8List:

Uint8List bytes = Uint8List.fromList(file.readAsBytesSync());

or combining them:

Uint8List toUint8List(List<int> list) =>
  (list is Uint8List) ? list : Uint8List.fromList(list);

Uint8List bytes = toUint8List(file.readAsBytesSync());

Try this:

File file = getSomeCorrectFile(); 
ByteData bytes = await file.readAsBytes().then((data) => ByteData.view(data as ByteBuffer)); 
return bytes;

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