I have this simple react component that uses Semantic UI tags:

  render() {
    return (
      <Card.Meta ref="CardStatusComponent123" className={'float small ' + this.props.align + this.props.statusClassName}>

I have written a test in Jest and Enzyme to test the component:

describe('CardStatusComponent', () => {
  it('displays prop text', () => {
    const props = {
      statusText: 'Available',
      statusClassName: ' green ',
      align: 'left',
    const wrap = shallow(<CardStatusComponent {...props} />);

The error I get when running jest is:

Method “hasClass” is meant to be run on 1 node. 0 found instead.

I know for a fact that it is because the tag name is separated by a dot because if I replace the tag with a div tag, it works. I've tried accessing just "Card" and "Meta" separately and I can't find anything on Google.

Can anyone please explain to me how to test a tag with dot notation in Jest and Enzyme?

  • I'm not familiar with dot notation. But I would try expect(wrap.find("Card).dive().hasClass("green")).toEqual(true) – adam.k May 8 at 16:00

By doing wrap.find("Card.Meta") you're trying to find by displayName which is not "Card.Meta".
Do this instead:

import Card from "..."


expect(wrap.find(Card.Meta) ... )

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