Recently, my application has been seeing commits dropped and I am totally puzzled. No logs, no errors, everything continues as if things would be successful - but the commit is dropped. A dumbed down class where such an issue is occurring:

@Autowired MyRepository repo;

public Model saveMyModel(){
    final Model model = new Model();


    return model; 

Most of our commits are making it through no problem to the DB, every once in (1 in 1000 maybe) a while we are seeing commits being dropped where bar was not being saved.

It does not matter if we mark this as Transactional on this behavior. I don't see any error logs from our DB, and this method never throws any errors, and downstream from the returned model from the method I can access bar without issue. Just latter calls result in Bar as null.

We are Spring Boot 2.0 with Postgres 9.5, this is relatively new behavior in over 3 years of the application's history and I am unable to replicate outside of our prod environment.

Any thoughts? I would rather not have to flush everything to the DB immediately.

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