I have these two packages:

https://bintray.com/beta/#/stoyicker/test-accessors/annotations?tab=overview https://bintray.com/beta/#/stoyicker/test-accessors/processor-java?tab=overview

The former is, as you can see, included in Jcenter. I made a request and got approved within a day. However, for the second one, I cannot make a request because I get met with a dialog stating "The version control returns 404" for its vcs url. Ironic, because the first one has the exact same url and I never saw this problem with it.

Am I doing anything wrong? Is this a 'bug'?


From the sound and looks of it you should be using https and not ssh as the link for your vsc link.
If that doesn't work then I would contact support.

  • This did the trick. I still don't understand why it worked for the previous project though, but at least I can move forward. Thanks! – Jorge Antonio Díaz-Benito May 9 at 16:34

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