I m using below code to follow. I m not getting any callback.

     let loggedInUserFeedId = FeedId(feedSlug: "timeline", userId: Client.shared.currentUserId!)
    let loggedInUserFlatFeed = Client.shared.flatFeed(loggedInUserFeedId)
    let otherUserFeedId = FeedId(feedSlug: "timeline", userId: otherUserId)

    loggedInUserFlatFeed.follow(toTarget: otherUserFeedId, activityCopyLimit: 10) { (result) in
        print("Result of following:")
        print(try? result.get())
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    Hi Aashish! I suppose your loggedInUserFlatFeed was deallocated before the response was receiving in the callback, but the following should work anyway. – buh May 13 at 8:50

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