const admin = require("firebase-admin");
const functions = require("firebase-functions");


exports.newIssueNotification = functions.firestore.document("main/issues/list/{id}").onCreate((newDocSnap, context) => {

    const payload = {
      notification: {
        title: "New Issue added",
        body: "New issue",
        //badge: '1',
        sound: "default"

    const newDoc = newDocSnap.data();

    return newDoc.showGroups.forEach((groupName, context) => {

        if(groupName != ""){

            return admin.firestore().collection('main').doc('groups').get().then((groupDocSnap, context) => {

                const groupDoc = groupDocSnap.data();

                return groupDoc.Admin.forEach(uid => {

                    const docname = uid;

                        return admin.firestore().collection('users').doc(docname).get().then(uidDocSnap => {

                            const token = uidDocSnap.data().FCMToken;

                            return admin.messaging().sendToDevice(token, payload).then(function(response) {
                                console.log("Notification sent successfully:", response);
                              .catch(function(error) {
                                console.log("Notification sent failed:", error);


I am new to this, can anyone help to figure out to avoid the errors shown here. console logs


  1. On Create new Document
  2. get groups names in the document
  3. go to group documents and gets user ID's of users in that group
  4. using the User ID's get their assigned FCM tokens
  5. send notifications using the token.
  • If you are new to JavaScript, Cloud Functions for Firebase is not the best way to learn it. I recommend first reading the Firebase documentation for Web developers and/or taking the Firebase codelab for Web developer. They cover many basic JavaScript, Web and Firebase interactions. You could also use the Admin SDK in a local Node.js process, which can be debugged with a local debugger. After those you'll be much better equipped to write code for Cloud Functions too. – Frank van Puffelen May 9 at 1:26

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