I'm trying to concatenate two strings (&str) or convert a byte array in a string in Rust without using std. I saw core::str::from_utf8 but that's not what I'm looking for.

I'm searching something like

let b: [u8; 2] = [97, 98];
let result: &str = core::str::array_to_string(b); // "ab"


let a: &str = "Hello ";
let b: &str = "world !";
let result: &str = core::str::concatenate(a, b);

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    See also How do I concatenate strings?. Notably, the first sentence: When you concatenate strings, you need to allocate memory to store the result. In a no_std environment, you don't have an allocator, so you need to do the allocation for yourself. This is often just a "big enough" u8 array on the stack. – Shepmaster May 8 at 16:51
  • See also Is there any way to return a reference to a variable created in a function? and Return local String as a slice (&str) for discussion why your proposed functions cannot make sense, even when you have access to the standard library. – Shepmaster May 8 at 16:52
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    Also, str::from_utf8 appears to be exactly what you are asking for in your first example, which doesn't seem to involve concatenation at all. It also has the same problem of nothing owning the underlying bytes. – Shepmaster May 8 at 16:54