Seeing as java is so mature, I'm hoping someone can tell me if java has something similar to http://celeryproject.org/

It is a distributed task queue.

I'm writing to rabbitmq, and want to know what options there are other than celery.

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Seems Octobot would be something you should look into. Haven't used it though.


Does using Celery through Jython work for you? Jython is cited as working with Celery so you might be able to use the best of both worlds there.


Quartz Scheduler has support for clustering - you can run Quartz on multiple machines as a single entity. However it relies on database persistence for receiving new jobs, not sure how easy or hard it is to integrate with RabbitMQ - although you could always write a small glue app to pick up messages from the RabbitMQ and create new Quartz jobs from it.

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