I need to make an application which automatically moves files from source folder to destination folder on specified "time"(2 different times in a day). Once entered, this app should run daily. I have made a form application which moves file perfectly on button click. I need to implement this without any button click interaction.

Scheduling using Windows Task Scheduler is not an option for me.

  • Task.Threading.Thread.Sleep(TimeSpan.FromDay(1); something like this in a loop or a timer I guess? – AndrewE May 9 '19 at 2:11
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    A simple timer that Ticks every minute and checks whether DateTime.Now is in the desired range. It's not clear if you want your app to run non-stop or you are referring to a sort of laucher. You can always use the AT command and a batch file. – Jimi May 9 '19 at 2:17
  • "this app should run daily" and "without scheduler" is very confusing requirement. What exactly you expect to start your app daily? – Alexei Levenkov May 9 '19 at 2:26
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    If you explain why you can't use Windows Task Scheduler to start your app, we can avoid giving answers that you can't use for the exact same reason. – Ben Voigt May 9 '19 at 4:03
  • Possible duplicate of C# Execute function at specific time – Masoud Keshavarz May 9 '19 at 5:22

One way I have achieved exactly that by creating a windows service project and put all the button click logic in a class library.
For scheduling the service i used Quartz.Net so that it can triggers the job/service at given interval.

You can find more about Quarts.Net here.

Please do note that you need administrative access to install and run your windows service.

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