When trying to perform test driven development on my JSF app, I have a hard time understanding how to make my classes more testable and decoupled.. For instance:

public void testViewDocumentReturnsServletPath(){
    DocumentDO doc = new DocumentDO();
    DocumentHandler dh = new DocumentHandler(doc);
    String servletPath = dh.viewDocument();
    assertTrue(servletPath, contains(“../../pdf?path=“);

This is only testable (with my current knowledge) if I remove some of the supporting private methods inside viewDocument() that are meant to interact with external resources like the DB.

How can I unit test the public API with these supporting private methods inside as well?

  • If you want the methods to be testable, remove private and add final. This gives you the same performance as a private method yet can be tested externally. If you are concerned about other classes calling your now package visible method consider making finer grained packages.
    – Jeff
    May 9, 2019 at 3:03

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Unit testing typically includes mocking of external dependencies that a function relies on in order to get a controlled output. This means that if your private method makes a call to an API you can use a framework like Mockito to force a specific return value which you can then use to assure your code handles the value the way you expect. In Mockito for example, this would look like:


This same structure holds if you wish to interact with a database or any other external resource that the method you are testing does not control.

  • 1
    and in order to use a mocking framework you will need to have some kind of dependency injection "goin on" in the class under test. Mocking framework typically mocks interfaces and abstract classes.
    – Jocke
    May 9, 2019 at 13:44

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