I've update my flutter package to the last versions and now IOS doesn't work anymore.

When I try to update the pods it's shows this error:

    [!] CocoaPods could not find compatible versions for pod "Firebase/CoreOnly":
    In Podfile:
    cloud_firestore (from `.symlinks/plugins/cloud_firestore/ios`) was resolved to 0.0.1, which depends on
    Firebase/Firestore (~> 6.0) was resolved to 6.0.0, which depends on
    Firebase/CoreOnly (= 6.0.0)

    cloud_functions (from `.symlinks/plugins/cloud_functions/ios`) was resolved to 0.0.1, which depends on
    Firebase/Functions (~> 5.18) was resolved to 5.18.0, which depends on
    Firebase/CoreOnly (= 5.18.0)

Here my pubspec.yaml (Firebase related):

firebase_core: "^0.4.0"
firebase_auth: "^0.11.0"
firebase_analytics: "^3.0.0"  
cloud_firestore: "^0.11.0+1"
cloud_functions: "^0.3.0"
firebase_storage: "^3.0.0"
firebase_messaging: "^5.0.1"

I've made various steps to try to fix:

flutter clean
flutter build ios

pod install
pod update
pod repo update
pod install --repo-update

I've set platform :ios, '12.1' in Podfile and in Xcode as build target but nothing come back to works.

Here my podfile:

# Uncomment this line to define a global platform for your project
platform :ios, '12.1'

# CocoaPods analytics sends network stats synchronously affecting flutter build latency.

project 'Runner', {
  'Debug' => :debug,
  'Profile' => :release,
  'Release' => :release,

def parse_KV_file(file, separator='=')
  file_abs_path = File.expand_path(file)
  if !File.exists? file_abs_path
    return [];
  pods_ary = []
  skip_line_start_symbols = ["#", "/"]
  File.foreach(file_abs_path) { |line|
      next if skip_line_start_symbols.any? { |symbol| line =~ /^\s*#{symbol}/ }
      plugin = line.split(pattern=separator)
      if plugin.length == 2
        podname = plugin[0].strip()
        path = plugin[1].strip()
        podpath = File.expand_path("#{path}", file_abs_path)
        pods_ary.push({:name => podname, :path => podpath});
        puts "Invalid plugin specification: #{line}"
  return pods_ary

target 'Runner' do

  # Prepare symlinks folder. We use symlinks to avoid having Podfile.lock
  # referring to absolute paths on developers' machines.
  system('rm -rf .symlinks')
  system('mkdir -p .symlinks/plugins')

  # Flutter Pods
  generated_xcode_build_settings = parse_KV_file('./Flutter/Generated.xcconfig')
  if generated_xcode_build_settings.empty?
    puts "Generated.xcconfig must exist. If you're running pod install manually, make sure flutter packages get is executed first."
  generated_xcode_build_settings.map { |p|
    if p[:name] == 'FLUTTER_FRAMEWORK_DIR'
      symlink = File.join('.symlinks', 'flutter')
      File.symlink(File.dirname(p[:path]), symlink)
      pod 'Flutter', :path => File.join(symlink, File.basename(p[:path]))

  # Plugin Pods
  plugin_pods = parse_KV_file('../.flutter-plugins')
  plugin_pods.map { |p|
    symlink = File.join('.symlinks', 'plugins', p[:name])
    File.symlink(p[:path], symlink)
    pod p[:name], :path => File.join(symlink, 'ios')

post_install do |installer|
  installer.pods_project.targets.each do |target|
    target.build_configurations.each do |config|
      config.build_settings['ENABLE_BITCODE'] = 'NO'
  • I don't know the flutter yaml, but the 0.11.0+1 looks suspicious since FirebaseFirestore is asking for Firebase 6.x and FirebaseFunctions is asking for Firebase 5.x May 10 '19 at 0:05
  • I put my answer under another question in case the accepted answer didn't halp. stackoverflow.com/a/69047809/513413
    – Hesam
    Sep 3 at 16:11

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Try calling pod repo update

if the issue is not fixed

delete the Podfile.lock in the root directory, after that run pod install

  • 40
    rm -rf Podfile.lock then pod install worked for me.
    – emrcftci
    Nov 19 '20 at 15:52
  • 4
    For M1 macs: alias pod="arch -x86_64 pod" May 14 at 13:28

Edit the minimum ios version in the podfile then run pod install.

Changing platform :ios, '9.0' to platform :ios, '10.0' then running pod install fixed it for me.

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    Worked perfect, when I have changed it in Xcode under "Runner" -> "Runner" -> "Info" -> "iOS Deployment Target" to version >= 10.0.0 Mar 13 at 23:03

Just do a pod update and then pod install. This worked for me.

  1. Execute flutter clean

  2. Go to ios/ folder, edit Podfile and choose the platorm and version you want to launch. For example for platform ios and version 12.0 :


# Uncomment this line to define a global platform for your project
platform :ios, '12.0'
  1. Execute pod update

  2. Execute pod install (it can take a some minutes to download dependencies)

  3. Execute flutter run


You just need to update the pod repo. It is possible that your cocopods repo is out of date

To solve this here are given a 2 ways

Solution: 1

Following this command to update your pod

  1. flutter clean
  2. pod repo update
  3. deleted /ios/Pods/ and /ios/Podfile.lock
  4. run pod install

Solution: 2

  1. first pod repo update
  2. rm -rf Podfile.lock
  3. pod install
  • before step 3, you can also pod cache clean --all.
    – Avi Cohen
    Nov 14 '20 at 11:04

🌟 For M1 Mac Users 

  1. Go to ios/Pods/Local Podspevs directory in your project
  2. Check every json file to find highest required ios version. Mine was "ios": "10.0" in some of them
  3. Go back to ios/ directory
  4. Open Podfile file
  5. Uncomment # platform :ios, '9.0' and replace 9.0 with version from step 2. - for example 10.0.

then here comes the M1 specific part

  1. Run sudo arch -x86_64 gem install ffi

  2. Run arch -x86_64 pod repo update

  3. Run arch -x86_64 pod install error should be gone

  1. If using Flutter cd - back to your root directory - open iOS Simulator & run flutter run

  10. ENJOY !🌟 

If not working you might need to run flutter pub add firebase_coreto add firebase_core to your pubspec.yaml file Before Step 1

If still not working try this BONUS STEPS :

  • Trying to Run directly from Xcode ? First Run flutter build iOS in your Flutter project -> then Run in Xcode

  • Still not working cd iOS run rm -rf Pods/ Podfile.lock ; pod install

  • Still not working ? Search Keychain Access in Spotlight -> open -> Right-click on login -> Unlock (you will lock back when build succeeds)

  • Still not working ? Xcode Runner Info Screenshot make sure your Runner Info Configs look like this

Hope this helps someone ! Comment down bellow if still facing issues I'll gladly help ! : )

  • 1
    Thanks. Step 6,7 and 8 solved the issue for me on an M1 Mac.
    – easeccy
    Oct 5 at 18:07

enter image description here

To use the "firebase_core" dependency with version ^1.0.3, the "iOS Deployment Target" has to be not less than "10.0"


I just ran into this same issue when trying to add Firebase Analytics to my projct. I kept running pod update in the terminal, but I couldn't successfully get to FirebaseCore (6.0.0) until I made sure that all flutter packages in the pubspec.yaml file were on the latest version.

1) I got rid of the package that was causing the error. For me, it was Firebase Analytics because I had just added that to my project.

2) I went through all of the firebase packages and made sure I had the most recent version in my pubspec.yaml. Here they are:

firebase_core: ^0.4.0
firebase_database: ^3.0.0
firebase_auth: ^0.11.0
firebase_storage: ^3.0.0

3) Navigate to ios folder and run pod update

4) Add Firebase Analytics package (or whatever you are interested in adding) to pubspec.yaml.

5) Run packages get

6) Run pod install in terminal


March 2021

cloud_firestore: ^1.0.0

cd ios
rm Podfile.lock
pod repo update

The simple solution worked for me (Suggested by the IDE itself)

pod install --repo-update

Run the command in terminal IOs folder


Worked for me when i added the highest ios version dependency from the symlinks/plugins in the Podfile platform :ios, '11.0'


As of 28 April 2021, what worked for me (after days of struggle):

In AppDelegate.swift (flutter-project/ios/Runner), add these 2 lines:

GeneratedPluginRegistrant.register(with: self)

In Terminal:

pod repo update 

flutter build ios

Then run your project in Xcode.


This migration guide for react-native-firebase could be useful for your case:


I uninstalled version 5 and installed version 6, but it seems there was some extra work to do to get rid of older versions of firebase.

  1. Delete Podfile
  2. pod init
  3. pod install

Worked for me


If you are using the M1 mac.

Delete podfile.lock by running

arch -x86_64 rm -rf Podfile.lock

and then update pods by running

arch -x86_64 pod install --repo-update

The problem is in cloud_functions plugins. They have 5.18 version of Firebase. For fix it you must change manually the file cloud_functions.podspec in the ios folder of the plugin while their doesn't finally fix.

Change it

s.dependency 'Firebase/Firestore', '~> 5.18'


s.dependency 'Firebase/Firestore', '~> 6.0'

After that still remaing an error regarding some missed dependencies of Firebase functions files.

I add directly in the pod this line:

pod 'Firebase/Functions'

I know that all this is an workaround but works in this way for me.


I had to follow this answer and do 2 things

1- In my Podfile I had platform :ios, '13.0', I had to switch it to platform :ios, '10.0'

2- I had to remove my entire podfile and reinstall it but this time for the Firebase/Database pod I used pod 'Firebase/Database', '~> 7.0.0'

My podfile looks like this now:

platform :ios, '10.0'
install! 'cocoapods', :deterministic_uuids => false

target 'MyApp' do

# Pods for MyApp

pod 'Firebase/Database', '~> 7.0.0'

// other pods ...

In React Native

cd ios

rm -rf Podfile.lock

pod install

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