I have three servers I am trying to add to a cluster.

  • bus01,
  • bus02,
  • bus03

When I try to run any command in bus02 or bus03 I am getting the following error:


attempted to contact: [rabbit@bus02]


  • connected to epmd (port 4369) on bus02 epmd reports node 'rabbit' usese
  • port 25672 for inter-node and CLI tool traffic TCP connection
  • succeeded but Erlang distribution failede
  • Authentication failed (rejected by the remote node), please check the Erlang cookie

Everywhere I read mentions that the erlang.cookie is out of sync and they should be the same across servers.

I have copied the .erlang.cookie file from bus01 to bus02 & bus03. I have two copies on this file on each server. They all contain the same hash value in the .cookie file and all servers and file locations.

  • C:\Users\%User%
  • C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile

Even after all this running rabbitmqctl status on either bus02 or bus03 throw the above error.

I cannot see what I am missing here.

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