I am having trouble getting my head around this issue.

We have a water tank 200CM high I have a sonar distance detector in the top that returns CM from the water surface.

I can get the remaining water level OK, but I'd like to know the level shift (Delta) up (rain) or down (usage) and the Daily total that I will clear once a day elsewhere. Here's where I am so far and the Delta and Daily are not making sense. I'll take care of error handling etc when I get it doing what I need with the levels.

Could someone please rearrange this to do what I need.

ETO: It very rarely returns a zero scan so it will pretty much always drop through to the levels stuff. So, please assume for this that the scan is never zero.

const int16_t tankHeight = 200;

int16_t pingDistanceLast = 0;
int16_t waterHeightNow   = 0;
int16_t waterHeightDelta = 0;
int16_t waterHeightDaily = 0;

void checkLevel() {
uint16_t pingDistanceNow = 0;
uint8_t pingCount        = 0;
  while ((pingCount < 5) && (pingDistanceNow == 0)) {
    pingDistanceNow = sonar.ping_cm();  // Returns any READ error as ZERO
  if ((pingDistanceNow > 0) && (pingDistanceLast != pingDistanceNow)) {
    waterHeightNow = tankHeight - pingDistanceNow;
    waterHeightDelta = pingDistanceLast - pingDistanceNow;
    waterHeightDaily += waterHeightDelta;
  pingDistanceLast = pingDistanceNow;

void checkNewDay() {
  if (nowSecSM < 2) {
    waterHeightDaily = 0;
  • I think you should first define your terms more explicitly. i.e. when you say "level shift" do you mean the change in the water level from one measurement to the next, or the cumulative change in the water level over the course of a day? (And if the latter, then in a scenario where the water goes up 10cm and then down 10cm, do you want to count that as 20cms' worth of change, or 0cm change?) Also, daily total of what? – Jeremy Friesner May 9 at 18:12

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