I am learning to use ReactiveUI in WPF. I have an application that has an IObservableCollection which I am binding to a DataGrid.

    <DataGrid Grid.Row="3" Grid.ColumnSpan="2" AutoGenerateColumns="False" ScrollViewer.VerticalScrollBarVisibility="Visible" x:Name="validationResults" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" IsReadOnly="True" SelectionMode="Extended" SelectionUnit="Cell">
            <DataGridTextColumn Header="Item Id" x:Name="vrContractID"  Binding="{Binding Path=ItemId, Mode=OneWay}" MinWidth="50" />
            <DataGridTextColumn Header="Item #"  Binding="{Binding Path=ItemNumber, Mode=OneWay}" MinWidth="50"/>
            <DataGridCheckBoxColumn Header="Valid?" Binding="{Binding Path=IsValid, Mode=OneWay}" MinWidth="5"/>
            <DataGridTextColumn Header="Error Code"  Binding="{Binding Path=ErrorCode, Mode=OneWay}" MinWidth="50"/>
            <DataGridTextColumn Header="Error Message"  Binding="{Binding Path=ErrorMessage, Mode=OneWay}" Width="*"/>

I'm trying not to use XAML based binding like I have showed you above however, I'm having issues understanding how to accomplish this style of binding in the code behind file using something like:


Or this:


I've had similar issues binding DataTemplates and MultiBinding and this makes me wonder if there is something I'm missing about the design pattern for ReactiveUI/MVVM.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS: If I must bind this using xaml binding - why wouldn't I just do all my binding in xaml? It sort of feels weird to have 2 places where binding can occur.


The solution with DataTemplates is to not set one and the rxui binding will automatically provide one and look for registered IViewFor<TViewModel> registered for the view model and show that view.

Multi binding you can use Observable.CombineLatest with multiple WhenAny operators and then use BindTo.

With data grid the story is you can programmatically generate the columns then use rxui binding on those. In the past I have used a builder pattern for it. The DataGrid out of the box isn't really easy to combine with rxui binding.

  • If the DataGrid is not great for RxUI, can you explain why and provide an alternative approach? I choose datagrid because I wanted to display a list of items in a grid format and allow users to take advantage of the built int sorting. It is also the first control that comes to mind when thinking of displaying results in a grid. I am not using the grid in edit mode so I wonder if there is a better display oriented control. – Mike Bynum May 13 at 16:17

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