I am trying to set AWS codepipeline and use github as the source by using cloudformation. The github repository is owned by an organization and I have admin access to it.

I was able to create webhook and successfully create entire service through codepipeline UI. But when I am trying to do same thing through Cloudformation Document, it returns error

Webhook could not be registered with GitHub. Error cause: Not found [StatusCode: 404, Body: {"message":"Not Found","documentation_url":"https://developer.github.com/v3/repos/hooks/#create-a-hook"}]

I used same credential both times (OAuth token in cloudformation and actual login popups in codepipeline UI), but when I do it through Cloudformation it failed.

I suspected my cloudformation document was the issue. But when I create my own repository, cloudformation successfully create webhook and created full codepipeline service.

Below is the summary of tests I did to understand where it went wrong.

  1. Codepipeline UI. Organization Github Repo. It asked to login the github. Logged in with my admin credential => successfully created webhook and services.
  2. Cloudformation. Organization Github Repo. Used OAuth Token from admin credential with repo and admin:repo_hook enabled. => Gave out error above
  3. Cloudformation. Personal Github Repo. Used Oauth Token from admin credential with repo and admin:repo_hook enabled => successfully created webhook and services

The following is portion of cloudformation document where I create Webhook.

    Type: 'AWS::CodePipeline::Webhook'
      Authentication: GITHUB_HMAC
        SecretToken: !Ref GitHubSecret
        - JsonPath: $.ref
          MatchEquals: 'refs/heads/{Branch}'
      TargetPipeline: !Ref cfSSMAutomationDev
      TargetAction: SourceAction
      Name: AppPipelineWebhook
      TargetPipelineVersion: !GetAtt cfSSMAutomationDev.Version
      RegisterWithThirdParty: true

So I am not sure what is wrong. My suspicion is that OAuth token requires more privilege. Does anyone have similar experience with this? Any suggestion is much appreciated


Even I was facing the same issue, by seeing codepipeline UI configuration's Repository I used

  "Configuration": {
    "Owner": "myUserName",
    "Repo": "orgname/repository-name",

so cloudformation was checking for the repository myUserName/orgname/repository-name which wasn't exist.

It got solved after following the below solution:

  "Configuration": {
    "Owner": "orgname",
    "Repo": "repository-name",

private repo -> ownerName: YourUserName
organisation repo -> ownerName: OrganisationName

  • Did you use your "personal" access token? or does it has to be the organization's github owner's personal access token? May 23 '19 at 18:31
  • 1
    I used my "personal access token" as I have admin privilege.
    – Greeshma
    May 23 '19 at 18:43
  • Can we use personal access token with particular repo admin access? Sep 3 '21 at 9:14

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