1 . I have Toolbox for Activity where I have Activities listed and on right side I have designer where Workflow designer is placed. From my Toolbox I can drag and drop Activites into designer It works fine. Now to increase the usability experience I want to double click on Activity in toolbox and it should be added automatically into desinger within specified "Sequence" activity as the second last activity in sequence workflow ? How can I do this ?

  1. I have long running workflow which runs for 3-5 minutes; I want to give flexibility to end user to Cancel/Stop/Abort workflow while workflow is in execution. How can I do this ?

  2. I am using Toolbox where I have listed down activities; at top of Toolbox it gives Searchbox; This search box gives search based on first letter; now I want to search for anywhere in the text...

    I am using workflow designer as hosting Workflow and I use WorkflowInvoker to invoke my workflow; so what is best practice to Cancel/Stop executing workflow ?

  • Any particular reason you ask lots of questions but never accept an answer? – Maurice Apr 9 '11 at 19:28

To enable double clicking in the ToolboxControl, set the AssociatedDesigner property to the live instance of the WorkflowDesigner.


Might work better if you asked one question per posting...

As for your question on cancel/stop/abort your host application can do this (depending on how you host the workflow).

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