Is there a way of viewing past conda transactions? For instance, a history of all conda install actions I did in the current environment would be great.



There is a --revisions | -r flag for this.

conda list --revisions

Check the conda list --help for more info.

If you'd like an exact history, there is a conda-meta/history log in every env. You could, for example, pull out every command ever executed in an env, plus a timestamp, using

grep -B1 "^# cmd" my_env/conda-meta/history
  • Thanks. Do you have a link to the documentation for this? This is 80% of what I would like, but it doesn't show the original command I used. I suppose simply knowing what I typed is not super useful since dependencies, etc. change all the time. – information_interchange May 10 at 15:02
  • @information_interchange updated to include that. – merv May 10 at 15:24

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