I'm trying to run GDAL (image processing) in parallel, and afterwards store the path of the output files in a list which should be written to a file. this file needs to be used in a singular subprocess command.

I dont have a lot of experience with multiprocessing/subprocesses, but i have read Run multiple subprocesses in parallel - python 2.7

How do I run multiple subprocesses in parallel and wait for them to finish in Python

The second question is what i have based most of my current code on. However, it returns some errors:

this snippet runs in parallel:

    childprocesses = []

    for fil in files: #files is list of input .tif files
        p = Popen(['gdal_translate', 'cmd2', 'cmd3' #different settings for gdal
        , fil 
        , os.path.join(cfolder,os.path.basename(fil))] #output
        , stdout=PIPE
        , stderr=PIPE)
    for cp in childprocesses:
    print ('translate complete')

Afterwards, i try to store the output's paths in a list (cfiles) and write it to a file (temp_file). this file with the filelist is then used in another gdal command:

cfiles = glob.glob('{cfol}{sep}*.tif'.format(cfol=cfolder, sep=os.sep))
print (cfiles)
with open(temp_file, 'w') as f:
    for line in cfiles:
 '-hidenodata', '-input_file_list', tempfile, outputdir])

however, when i run the entire code, it prints the line 'translate complete' 9 times (there are 9 tif files in my testinput) and a list with the datasets. however the subprocess cannot find the files:

translate complete
translate complete
translate complete
translate complete
translate complete
translate complete
translate complete
translate complete
translate complete

FAILURE: No input filenames specified.  

the failure is returned by the subprocess gdalbuildvrt, because the textfile is empty. I'm not sure why this happen. i assume it is because gdal_translate isn't done creating files when the glob.glob file listing is run.

What i was hoping for, is it would wait for all the gdal_translate subprocesses to finish before it list the files, and runs the gdalbuildvrt .

  • I think you need to remove this line stdout=PIPE – Mark Setchell May 22 at 8:07

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