I am using this https://www.yiiframework.com/extension/bitcko/yii2-bitcko-paypal-api#usage With yii2 to enable payments my code looks like this.

public function actionMakePayment(){
               // Setup order information array
              $params = [
                      'description'=>'Payment description',
            // In case of payment success this will return the payment object that contains all information about the order
            // In case of failure it will return Null

          Yii::$app->response->redirect(Url::to(['site/signup'], true));

Everything is went as per my expectation this call is returning somthing like this to dom.

{ "id": "PAYID-LTKUAVA8WK14445NN137182H", "intent": "sale", "state": "approved", "cart": "9RE74926AX5730813", "payer": { "payment_method": "paypal", "status": "UNVERIFIED", "payer_info": { "first_name": "Susi", "last_name": "Flo", "payer_id": "KWPDGYRP2KCK4", "shipping_address": { "recipient_name": "Susi Flo", "line1": "Suso", "line2": "bldg", "city": "Spring hill", "state": "FL", "postal_code": "34604", "country_code": "US" }, "phone": "3526003902", "country_code": "US" } }, "transactions": [ { "amount": { "total": "45.00", "currency": "USD", "details": { "subtotal": "45.00", "shipping": "0.00", "insurance": "0.00", "handling_fee": "0.00", "shipping_discount": "0.00" } }, "payee": { "merchant_id": "NHN6S6KT4FF6N", "email": "arunwebber2-facilitator@gmail.com" }, "description": "Payment description", "invoice_number": "5cd5404d624a9", "soft_descriptor": "PAYPAL *TESTFACILIT", "item_list": { "items": [ { "name": "Item one", "price": "45.00", "currency": "USD", "tax": "0.00", "quantity": 1 } ], "shipping_address": { "recipient_name": "Susi Flo", "line1": "Suso", "line2": "bldg", "city": "Spring hill", "state": "FL", "postal_code": "34604", "country_code": "US" } }, "related_resources": [ { "sale": { "id": "6LN25215GP1183020", "state": "completed", "amount": { "total": "45.00", "currency": "USD", "details": { "subtotal": "45.00", "shipping": "0.00", "insurance": "0.00", "handling_fee": "0.00", "shipping_discount": "0.00" } }, "payment_mode": "INSTANT_TRANSFER", "protection_eligibility": "ELIGIBLE", "protection_eligibility_type": "ITEM_NOT_RECEIVED_ELIGIBLE,UNAUTHORIZED_PAYMENT_ELIGIBLE", "transaction_fee": { "value": "2.43", "currency": "USD" }, "receipt_id": "3896118010137330", "parent_payment": "PAYID-LTKUAVA8WK14445NN137182H", "create_time": "2019-05-10T09:30:10Z", "update_time": "2019-05-10T09:30:10Z", "links": [ { "href": "https://api.sandbox.paypal.com/v1/payments/sale/6LN25215GP1183020", "rel": "self", "method": "GET" }, { "href": "https://api.sandbox.paypal.com/v1/payments/sale/6LN25215GP1183020/refund", "rel": "refund", "method": "POST" }, { "href": "https://api.sandbox.paypal.com/v1/payments/payment/PAYID-LTKUAVA8WK14445NN137182H", "rel": "parent_payment", "method": "GET" } ], "soft_descriptor": "PAYPAL *TESTFACILIT" } } ] } ], "create_time": "2019-05-10T09:11:48Z", "update_time": "2019-05-10T09:30:10Z", "links": [ { "href": "https://api.sandbox.paypal.com/v1/payments/payment/PAYID-LTKUAVA8WK14445NN137182H", "rel": "self", "method": "GET" } ] }

How can I store this to my database? for a specefi user id i can get user id with this.

echo Yii::$app->user->id;

I want to store this value along with the user id how can I do that? And a payment success message to the user :)


Paypal PHP-SDK Provides you the setCustom() to add a custom field value, you can use it to send the user id and then retrieve it with the response in the transaction object after the payment is executed.

What you are using is just a custom component using the Paypal SDK functions,you should extend the class bitcko\paypalrestapi\PayPalRestApi.php to override the function checkOut() and add the ->setCustom(Yii::$app->user->id) to the chain in this line, as it does not provide any way to set the custom field, so just copy the whole code of the method into your new class and add the above.

Your class should look like below.

NOTE: Add the file inside common/components folder.

namespace common\components;

use bitcko\paypalrestapi\PayPalRestApi as PayPalBase;
use PayPal\Api\Amount;
use PayPal\Api\Details;
use PayPal\Api\Item;
use PayPal\Api\ItemList;
use PayPal\Api\Payer;
use PayPal\Api\Payment;
use PayPal\Api\RedirectUrls;
use PayPal\Api\Transaction;
use PayPal\Exception\PayPalConnectionException;
use yii\helpers\Url;
use Yii;

class PaypalRestApi extends PayPalBase

    public function checkOut($params)
        $payer = new Payer();
        $orderList = [];

        foreach ($params['order']['items'] as $orderItem) {
            $item = new Item();
            $orderList[] = $item;
        $itemList = new ItemList();
        $details = new Details();
        $amount = new Amount();
        $transaction = new Transaction();

        $redirectUrl = Url::to([$this->redirectUrl], true);
        $redirectUrls = new RedirectUrls();
        $payment = new Payment();
        try {
            return \Yii::$app->controller->redirect($payment->getApprovalLink());
        } catch (PayPalConnectionException $ex) {
            // This will print the detailed information on the exception.
            \Yii::$app->response->format = \yii\web\Response::FORMAT_HTML;
            \Yii::$app->response->data = $ex->getData();

Now change your configurations for the PayPalRestApi component class in the common/config/main.php or frontend/config/main.php whichever you are using, to the new class you created

'components'=> [

so now you can get the same user id by using

$response = \yii\helpers\Json::decode( Yii::$app->PayPalRestApi->processPayment($params));
$user_id = $response['transactions'][0]['custom'];
  • No i am using yii2 advanced – arunwebber May 11 at 12:38
  • then change your namespaces accordingly @arunwebber from app to common, shouldnt be that hard i think, but anyway i have updated the code above. – Muhammad Omer Aslam May 11 at 16:55
  • I am getting null over here $response = \yii\helpers\Json::decode( Yii::$app->PayPalRestApi->processPayment($params)); var_dump($response); – arunwebber May 12 at 7:24
  • that is odd we didnt changed anything in the processPayment() – Muhammad Omer Aslam May 12 at 13:30
  • forum.yiiframework.com/t/yii2-paypal-integration/126032 See this as well. Also if i use the module directly from the vendor also it showing me the same Aka showing null where as return shows the json on DOM – arunwebber May 12 at 15:17

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