I am building a recommender system and my main goal is to recommend a conference publication venue based on the title and abstract of the user paper. Here is how the system is supposed to work

  1. First of all dblp dataset will be used for training of our recommender system. Dblp dataset contains Title of paper, Abtstract, Citation count and venue name
  2. I have used both LDA and TFIDF (mainly for comparison) for training of DBLP dataset
  3. After training the user will suppose to input his paper title and abstract
  4. The input data is then matched with the training data and a relevancy score is assigned to each venue(cosine similarity is used for this purpose)
  5. Finally all top score venues along with similarity score is shown to user

Now my question is

how to evaluate this type of techniques since it doesnt have any prior information of actual score. if i use precision and recall what will be the false positive and False negative? until now i used a similarity threshold i.e if a venue is above 0.4 score it will be relevant else it will be irrelevant? is this method of evaluation correct?

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