I have two monitors, one is my MacBook 13" that is very small to have multiple/split windows, and another one that I have my preview windows. When I'm writing a nodejs code that I store it on GitHub, I always edit some markdown files. The issue is:

I want to "detach" the Markdown Preview Windows to a "new window", so I can send it to my second monitor, so I can edit on one and see it on the other.

There are some similar questions on StackOverflow, but the solutions don't work for this case, because if I open another window/workspace and drag the preview window there, it does not update the preview when I save the original MD file... If I drag the preview window to the other monitor, it creates a "webview-panel" file.

E.g.: Markdown open a new window link

Any tips?

I tried with the default preview and the enhanced preview plugin, same results...

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VS Code does not have built-in support for multi-monitor setup... sorry :)

The solution would be to simply open another window of VSCode, of the same workspace, and open there the preview of the markdown file, while keep editing in the original window.

Edit 1

Here are the actions to reproduce the solution:

  1. Open 1st VSCode window with the project
  2. Cmd-Shift-N to open a 2nd VSCode window
  3. Point 2nd VSCode window to same project - but at a different root folder (as if it's the same - VSCode with just revert you to the 1st window
  4. Open on the 2nd VSCode window the markdown file you wish to preview, and then hit Cmd-Shift-V (Make sure you keep the tab of the markdown file open on the 2nd window as this is what VSCode Markdown preview uses to detect the file change events AFAIK)
  5. Edit the file on the 1st window and viola, it will auto-refresh on the 2nd window preview

Edit 2

How-to video (Hosted on youtube)

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    Ok, I was waiting for other answers but there is none. Did you tested what you proposed? Because as I said, if you open another window with the preview, it does not update the preview on save... Care to explain the step by step of what you did? May 16, 2019 at 12:38
  • edited the answer to give more detailed action items May 16, 2019 at 16:17
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    Hi there, thanks for the reply, but it does not work here... Are you using a MAC? I'm trying to figure it out why is it not working... When I save the file on the other window, I think VSC does not update the preview window because it's a different process. Did you test this your step by step and it's working? May 22, 2019 at 14:49
  • Yes, I'm on a mac. I'll record a screen later - to show May 22, 2019 at 15:01
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    Chiming in from 2023. This solution works great with no issues. thanks!
    – KC Coder
    May 4, 2023 at 21:37
  1. Configure the 2nd monitor to have the same height as the 1st.
  2. Stretch VS Code horizontally to span 2 monitors (am assuming this can be done on a Mac.) Now the left half of VS Code is on the 1st monitor, and the right half is on the 2nd.
  3. Open the Markdown file in the left half of VS Code, and open the preview in the right half.

A bit of hack, but it works.

  • Won’t work on Mac - as in contrast to windows, once a window is shared across two screens - it only shows on one screen Aug 13, 2020 at 21:03

Just for those, who are still looking for a good solution to see the current changes to a Markdown file in real time in another window, you can use the Instant Markdown extension.

It provides a browser window in which the preview is displayed and also listens for changes in VSCode. Here you find more information about that package.

  • It doesn't update nicely, as it relies on the position of the cursor.
    – ahorn
    May 12, 2023 at 12:32

So I have this setup: one monitor aligned vertically for editing the source and the horizontal one one the right (or left, you can change that to your needs) shows the preview of my edit.

I use VS Code for Markdown and Tex, so its pretty cool to work like that. If you preview the stuff in the splitview you can set on the option to split it. So if you right click it and then go to Split up, your preview is down which you then can scale to your monitor size.


You will be able to open a Markdown Preview in a new floating (or auxiliary) window in vscode 1.88 presumably. It is working now in Insiders v1.88.

Here is a demo using the Move Into New Window context menu item from the editor tab - there is also a bindable command View: Move Editor into New Window:

move a markdown preview into a new window

The preview remains linked to any edits from the markdown file. And can be moved to another monitor.

More on moving special webview/iframe editors to new windows: GH issue: Test: support for iframe based editors in floating windows #.

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