I am trying to replace a portion of a text that is between apostrophes, not all, just a part. For example, I need to replace the characters /* and */ that are only within text between quotes by null text but not outside them.

My input text, for example:


Expected output:


I extracted the texts in quotes but I do not know how to replace the /* and */ with null text.

Sub ReplaceWithRegex()
    Dim strPattern As String
    Dim strReplace As String
    Dim regEx As Variant
    Dim strtxt As String

    Set regEx = CreateObject("vbscript.regexp")
    strtxt = "A = 'THIS IS AN ALPHABETIC /* CONSTANT' || WS_CON1 /* */ || ' TEST STRING */';"
    strPattern = "\'([^\']*)\'"
    strReplace = ""

    With regEx
        .Global = True
        .MultiLine = True
        .IgnoreCase = False
        .Pattern = strPattern
    End With

    If regEx.Test(strtxt) Then
        Debug.Print regEx.Replace(strtxt, strReplace)
        MsgBox ("Not matched")
    End If
End Sub

Obviously, this replace all text between quotes to null string.

How do I solve this problem?

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    Can you explain more clearly the logic behind your replacement? – Tim Biegeleisen May 11 at 15:26

Here is another VBA method using Regular Expressions.

Option Explicit
'Set Reference to Microsoft VBScript Regular Expressions 5.5
Function reReplaceComment(S As String) As String
  Dim RE As RegExp
  Dim I As Long, J As Long

Set RE = New RegExp
With RE
    .Global = True
    .Pattern = "('[^']*?)(?:(?:/\*)|(?:\*/))([^']*?')"
    reReplaceComment = .Replace(S, "$1$2")
End With
End Function

Remove tokens within single quotes



Created with RegexBuddy

enter image description here


This expression might help you to replace your undesired /*:


You can simply wrap related parts of it with capturing groups (), similar to:


Then, you can replace it with $1 $3 and ignore the second undesired group:

enter image description here

This tool helps you to modify/change/edit your expressions, as you wish.

RegEx Descriptive Graph

This link helps you to visualize your expressions:

enter image description here


If you may have more patterns in these capturing groups, you can simply add them using an |, such as:


You might also want to use \x27 instead of ' such that your code would become easy to read.

enter image description here

JavaScript Demo

const regex = /([A-Z])\s(\/\*|\*\/)(\s[A-Z]|\x27)/gm;
const str = `A = 'THIS IS AN ALPHABETIC /* CONSTANT\' || WS_CON1 /* */ || \'TEST STRING */';`;
const subst = `$1$3`;

// The substituted value will be contained in the result variable
const result = str.replace(regex, subst);

console.log('Substitution result: ', result);

Performance Test

This snippet returns the runtime of a 1-million times for loop.

const repeat = 1000000;
const start = Date.now();

for (var i = repeat; i >= 0; i--) {
	const regex = /([A-Z])\s(\/\*|\*\/)(\s[A-Z]|\x27)/gm;
	const str = `A = 'THIS IS AN ALPHABETIC /* CONSTANT\' || WS_CON1 /* */ || \'TEST STRING */';`;
	const subst = `$1$3`;

	var match = str.replace(regex, subst);

const end = Date.now() - start;
console.log("YAAAY! \"" + match + "\" is a match 💚💚💚 ");
console.log(end / 1000 + " is the runtime of " + repeat + " times benchmark test. 😳 ");

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