It's the code from YouIandReactiveUI

Is there a more elegant way to achieve this? Or is there any way to bind in code with IViewFor?

                            <local:TweetMediaAttachmentView ViewModel="{Binding .}"/>
                                Command="{Binding DataContext.RemoveAttachmentCommand, ElementName=attachmentsItemsControl}" />                                                            

This is a known problem. One solution is to use RelativeSource, as proposed here: Access parent DataContext from DataTemplate


Couple different options, all of which would use the IViewFor functionality.

First is when using the ReactiveUI's OneWayBind functionality to bind to the ItemsControl.ItemsSource, if you don't set a ItemTemplate it will search for the associated IViewfor<View model>.

Another you can use the ItemTemplate and use ViewModelViewHost control and set the view model. This is almost identical to the first approach.

For the command binding I would pass the command into the view model so you don't have to worry about the data context binding.

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