Goal :- Want to integrate Firebase Crashlytics Plugin in ionic 3 project.

Issue :- There is no ionic native Firebase Crashlytics plugin available for ionic 3 but it is available for ionic 4 here is link

Is there any way to integrate available ionic 4 native plugin in ionic 3? I tried integrating using cordova itself by following this link but i am getting "Cannot find name 'FirebaseCrashlytics'" error.

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Are you testing on device? I mean is cordova available ?

  • Yes i am testing on device(cordova available) Commented May 26, 2019 at 8:35

If you are following a v4 guide and trying to retrofit it to Ionic 3 then one important thing to realise is the /ngx is not required.

If you have a line like this:

import { FirebaseCrashlytics } from '@ionic-native/firebase-crashlytics/ngx';

Then change it to:

import { FirebaseCrashlytics } from '@ionic-native/firebase-crashlytics';

The ngx requirement was introduced in Ionic 4 and is not understood by Ionic 3.

I don't know if there are other complications with trying to use a plugin with an Ionic 3 app but that's a good starting point.

Don't forget you should be following this generic setup process for all modules that you add to a project - and don't include /ngx on the end there either.

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