Using: TypeScript, Prisma, MySQL, GraphQLServer, ApolloClient, building schema this way:

const schema = makePrismaSchema({
  // Provide all the GraphQL types we've implemented
  types: [Query, Mutation, User, Post],...

And then:

  const server = new GraphQLServer({
    context: { prisma }

How to combine that with custom resolvers and types unrelated to the SQL?

(I would like to call some REST endpoint by the GQL as well)


While nexus was created to be used alongside prisma, it's really just a schema builder. You could easily use it to create a schema without even utilizing Prisma. For example:

export const User = prismaObjectType({
  name: 'User',
  definition(t) {
    t.list.field('comments', {
      type: 'Comment',
      resolve(root, args, ctx) {
        return getComments();

export const Comment = prismaObjectType({
  name: 'Comment',
  definition(t) {

Here getComments can return an array of comment objects, or a Promise that resolves to one. For example, if you're calling some other API, you'll normally return a Promise with the results of the call. As shown above, the resolver exposes the parent value, the field's arguments and a context object -- you can use any of this information in determining how to resolve a particular field.

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    One thing not immediately obvious to some is that you'd need to add it to types when creating the schema: ` makePrismaSchema({ types: [OtherTypes..., Comment], }) ` Sep 19 '20 at 16:02

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