We recently switched to automatic "Purchase" event using the Facebook SDK. But since doing so, it seems our "purchase" event appears with warnings claiming our currency is missing. In addition, it seems the event isn't marked as automatic in the facebook events debugger console even though we do not send it ourselves. Any idea on how to debug/resolve this?

Code relevant, Facebook SDK initialization (each in its' relevant app delegate function):

[[FBSDKApplicationDelegate sharedInstance] application:application

and for urls:

[[FBSDKApplicationDelegate sharedInstance] application:app openURL:url sourceApplication:options[UIApplicationOpenURLOptionsSourceApplicationKey] annotation:options[UIApplicationOpenURLOptionsAnnotationKey]];
  • Can you add the relevant code from your app? – Christian May 13 at 7:35
  • The event is automatic so no code actually appears for it, but I added the FBSDK initialization code for completion sake. – gerbil May 13 at 7:43

This has been found to be an event sent automatically by AppsFlyer. Turning AppsFlyer off fixed the problem.

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