I'm trying to resize the images in the wiki pages and nothing is working: the images are always presented with 100% width of the page.

I tried with reStructuredText:

.. image:: image.jpeg
   :height: 100px
   :width: 200px
   :scale: 50 %
   :alt: alternate text

(and different combinations, ignoring some lines).

Then I also tried

![](image.jpeg =250x)

But, again, it doesn't change the size of the presented image.

Any idea?


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Bitbucket Server 7.5 includes support for defining the size of images in markdown.


The syntax which is supported is to specify the height and/or width as "key=value" pairs inside curly braces immediately after the markdown for the image, for example:

![alt text for the image](image-file.png){width=50%}
![alt text for the image](image-file.png){height=50 width=60}
![alt text for the image](image-file.png){height=100}
![alt text for the image](image-file.png){width=200px}

See more at: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/BSERV-7426

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