I'm trying to add a recurring event in my Database using dhtmlx scheduler. I'm using a full customized Lightbox with my own fields. Daily, weekly and monthly Events will be added perfectly to the database. Maybe i overlooked something

I've tried to save the exact rec_type like the monthly event, because they are using the nearly the same template, there is only one difference between them. I changed "month" into "year".

At the end, my entry looks like this:

    end_date: "09.06.2026 12:00"
    id: "a97ede9d-372f-4360-9fdb-e97e26aaacf8"
    rec_type: "year_5_4_1#09/06/2026"
    start_date: "05.09.2019 12:00"
    text: "test12345"

I expect the output of all events on the first thursday in may until 2026. Maybe you can help me to find out, where the error is.


If recurring events start in May, the start_date also must contain May. I.e.

start_date: "05.05.2020 12:00"

The client side gets data from the rec_type field as a string of the following format:



  • type - the type of repetition: 'day','week','month','year'.
  • count - the interval between events in the "type" units.
  • day and count2 - define a day of a month ( first Monday, third Friday, etc ).
  • days - a comma-separated list of affected week days.
  • extra - extra info that can be used to change the presentation of recurring details.

So, rec_type for each first Thursday in May must be:

rec_type: "year_1_4_1_"

Demo to check how it works.

If you need more details about rec_type property, please find them in docs.

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