could you please guide on whether azure functions in c# can be used to receive messages from IBM MQ when a message is received in Queue

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You can use Azure Logic App with MQ Connector. Microsoft Connector for MQ sends and retrieves messages stored in an MQ Server on-premises, or in Azure. This connector includes a Microsoft MQ client that communicates with a remote IBM MQ server across a TCP/IP network. This document is a starter guide to use the MQ connector.

The MQ connector includes the following actions. There are no triggers.

  • Browse a single message without deleting the message from the IBM MQ Server
  • Browse a batch of messages without deleting the messages from the IBM MQ Server
  • Receive a single message and delete the message from the IBM MQ Server
  • Receive a batch of messages and delete the messages from the IBM MQ Server
  • Send a single message to the IBM MQ Server

Note that the MQ Connector does not have any triggers. So, use another trigger to start your logic app, such as the Recurrence trigger.

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