We have a native application in swift running on Ipads Pro and we want to replace it with a Web-app or progressive web-app running on chromebooks (or potentially on windows-based or android-based devices if it's not possible with chromebooks). The application must :

  • interact with the SDKs of connected object which exist only for android, iOS or windows

  • interact with objects connected with bluetooth

  • interact with a camera

My idea of architecture is :

  • We create a native android app that includes the SDKs of our connected objects and that includes as well the system to pair these objects with bluetooth. We run this native android app on the chromebooks.

  • Our web-app/PWA is able (how?) to interact directly with the native android app to connect/disconnect objets or to send/receive information to/from objects.

  • With the new "web bluetooth" api, our web-app/PWA can connect/disconnect/communicate directly with our connected objects that have no SDK.

My questions :

1) Will this architecture work ? Is there a better architecture?

2) How to make communicate the native android app with the web-app/PWA ? I was thinking of doing a web-server as the native app and to call this local server from the web app. Does this work? is there a better way?

3) Will web bluetooth work on chromeOS to pair/communicate with object? Will the web-app remember which object are already paired ? (I think this last point is possible with a PWA but not with a normal web-app.

Thank you very much if you can help me with some point or the totality of this complicated problem :-)

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