I working on a web brower in C++ using Windows Form for my final exam in high school.My problem is that i need manualy to accept Security Alerts and Script Error everytime i try to enter page on internet with my browser.

I tried web browser propertie "Script Error Suppresed" but that just hide error and give me other page to aprove that I'm sure that i want to see that page.

I expect that web browser automaticly allow certificates and allow to coninue even i have script errors.

  • Setting the ScriptErrorsSuppressed property to True is the simple way to load web pages with buggy Javascript code. But a bad certificate is a much bigger problem and one you can't ignore. Visiting such a page is quite unwise. Pick a better web page to test your code on. – Hans Passant May 13 at 18:06
  • I tested it on google home page and i still need certificate to ran.We work on old Visual Studio 2008 maybe that's a problem,but i can't work on new version because they cannot see it. – Nemanja Milenovic May 13 at 18:48
  • UPDATE: I just tried a program on my computer and it's seems that work with errors,no java script or certificate error.That's strange.Probably school computer dosen't have certificates . – Nemanja Milenovic May 13 at 18:57

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