In my current Spring HATEOAS 0.25.1.RELEASE project I make heavy use of ResourceProcessor interfaces:

 public ResourceProcessor<Resource<Person>> personProcessor() {
    return new ResourceProcessor<Resource<Person>>() {
      public Resource<Person> process(Resource<Person> resource) {
       resource.add(new Link("http://localhost:8080/people", "added-link"));
       return resource;

How can can I migrate my ResourceProcessors to Spring HATEOAS 1.0.0 M1?

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In Spring HATEOAS 1.0 M1, a lot of types and APIs have changed naming conventions.

In your example ResourceProcessor is now RepresentationModelProcessor, and Resource<T> is now EntityModel<T>, like so:

public RepresentationModelProcessor<EntityModel<Person>> personProcessor() {
return new RepresentationModelProcessor<EntityModel<Person>>() {
  public EntityModel<Person> process(EntityModel<Person> entityModel) {
    entityModel.add(new Link("http://localhost:8080/people", "added-link"));
    return entityModel;


See the full change notes here

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    Thanks for the quick reply. Have you found any documentation regarding this in particular? May 14, 2019 at 14:45
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    Seems like this is missing from the documentation however, so thank for this! Nov 1, 2019 at 7:27

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