I'm looking to build a small customer management portal for myself. I've recently started working with node and vuejs a lot (coming from an html/css/javascript background). I've really enjoyed CLI development though and am looking to build a customer management portal (nothing fancy) that has a MySQL backend. After studying frameworks and ideas I found feathersjs which I REALLY like. After a few hours I was able to have a REST api that returns data from my MySQL database and uses authentication. I can get MySQL data in a JSON datasource and even do inserts, updates, deletes. I generated the services and models using the feathersjs CLI generator.

My question is, do I really need to make two separate projects (one for backend and one for a public frontend) and run them each on a node server? Or could I do this in as single project? I'm still learning and reading up on feathersjs but I'm not seeing a way to make this possible. I do see a public folder in my feathersjs project that was generated but I don't know how to utilize it for node (I wanted my frontend written in Vue). I can see how static HTMLfiles would work in this public folder.

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    A single server is no problem. We do it via webpack and generating all the HTML/JS/etc. assets and serving them out of the public folder with standard Express middleware, with the API routes not conflicting with the UI paths. – Joe May 14 at 0:54
  • This sounds perfect. Can you point me in the right direction with tutorials or search terms? The only webpack experience I really have is from what is automatically generated through vue cli or express installs. I'm going to start researching. Thank you! – drpcken May 14 at 14:55
  • github.com/lewebsimple/feathers-vuejs covers most of the basics. The key part (besides packaging with webpack) is the express static middleware in app.js and the history middleware to handle the vue app. – Joe May 14 at 23:38

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