How do you remove content from a pygame sprite group?

I have tried: del self.game.treasures

I didn't really think of another way to do it.

if pg.sprite.spritecollideany(self, self.game.treasures):
    del self.game.treasures

I just expected it to delete the group, but an error happened:

if pg.sprite.spritecollideany(self, self.game.treasures):
AttributeError: 'Game' object has no attribute 'treasures'
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    Can you please add a bit more code, where is self.game.treasures defined & used? – Kingsley May 14 at 3:43
  • treasures is a sprite group in the code defined in the Game class. – jaden.joeyak May 14 at 22:59

If you want to delete a pygame.sprite.Sprite object and you want to delete it from all pygame.sprite.Groups, then you've to use pygame.sprite.Sprite.kill:


The Sprite is removed from all the Groups that contain it. This won't change anything about the state of the Sprite. It is possible to continue to use the Sprite after this method has been called, including adding it to Groups.



If you want to remove all sprites from a group, then you've to use pygame.sprite.Group.empty:


Removes all Sprites from this Group.


  • Thanks, but is there a way kill one member of the group if they're all named the same thing? Also is there a way to collide with the player using pygame.sprite.spritecollideany? – jaden.joeyak May 14 at 23:53
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    @jaden.joeyak - Add a sprite.name, fill it when you create the sprite, and them put them all in a dictionary all_sprites at construction time. Then later on, when you want to remove "enemy01", you can do all_sprites["ememy01"].kill() – Kingsley May 15 at 0:23

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