In some ways, PWA support is better in iOS 12 than in previous versions. But one very disconcerting change is that I no longer seem to be able to debug via Safari on my Mac.

In particular, I would like to examine console logging at the points where the PWA launches and restores the last view before previously closed. But there are other PWA peculiarities that make debugging inside Safari (as opposed to standalone) far too limiting.

Does anyone know how I can use web inspector (or something like it) with PWAs on iOS 12 and above?


You can open the PWA in the Safari browser rather than the 'installed' version on the homescreen. Safari has support for service workers, if you want to debug that specifically. Next you can just open a console for the application and/or the service worker in Safari on your Mac.

The differences are mainly visual: no launch screen and not full screen without URL bar, but it is technically the same app.

  • actually I don't that will work in this case, because I am specifically interested in console logging at the point the PWA launches, and when it restores the place it was when last closed. Safari can't deal with this AFAIK. – Stephen May 14 at 13:29
  • @Stephen Ah yes, that's probably more difficult. Maybe update your question to describe what exactly you need to debug? – TmKVU May 14 at 13:47

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