I have tried many things to get working PWA Angular notification by Express.js and using service worker but none of them work as i expected. i want to make a simple website. if user subscribe to that it will give notification by Express.js

I am new in this PWA and Service Worker.

I am attaching my code that i have done till yet.

      reloadCache() {
        if (this.swUpdate.isEnabled) {
          this.swUpdate.available.subscribe(() => {
            if (confirm("New version available. Load New Version?")) {

    if (this.swUpdate.isEnabled) {
        serverPublicKey: this.VAPID_KEY
      .then(sub =>{
  postSubscription(sub: PushSubscription){
    return this._http.post('http://localhost:3000/subscribe', sub)

in express.js=>

app.get('/', (req, res)=>{
    res.send('this is push notification server use post')

app.post('/subscribe', (req, res)=>{
    let sub = req.body;
    res.set('Content-Type', 'application/json');
        "mailto:gmail.com", //why this part is used..if possible please explain it

    let payload= JSON.stringify({
            "body": "did it",
            "icon": ""

    Promise.resolve(webpush.sendNotification(sub, payload))
    .then(()=> res.status(200).json({
        message: "notification send"
app.listen(3000, ()=> {
    console.log("Server Up");

its a working code. but i have generated vapid by using web-push generate-vapid-keys --json

and onclick button i have added a trigger to get notifications. i want to get users public VAPID automatically when they subscribe and store it in database. and then i want to send notification to users from database.

don't know how to go further. please help me with this problem.

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  • is there anything i am doing wrong? or did i miss something in it? – clyde correa May 16 at 9:44

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