I'm trying to use pexpect in Redhat7 for ansible but I wasn't able to install it. I was only getting pexpect.noarch 2.3-11.el7 @RHEL7 version. Or is there a alternative for pexpect to Executes a command and responds to prompts?


It looks like the version of the pexpect Python module shipped with RHEL7 is too old for Ansible (RHEL7 has pexpect 2.3, and Ansible wants 3.3 or greater). Your best option is probably to use the shell or command module to run expect; there is an example of this in the documentation for the shell module:

# You can use shell to run other executables to perform actions inline
- name: Run expect to wait for a successful PXE boot via out-of-band CIMC
  shell: |
    set timeout 300
    spawn ssh admin@{{ cimc_host }}

    expect "password:"
    send "{{ cimc_password }}\n"

    expect "\n{{ cimc_name }}"
    send "connect host\n"

    expect "pxeboot.n12"
    send "\n"

    exit 0
    executable: /usr/bin/expect
  delegate_to: localhost

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