i need to add a variable to get result of my $.getJSON. I think if you see the Problem yiu know what i mean. It is not a big Problem i think my syntax is not correct. But i dont know how i can handle this.

function get_status() {
  let i;
  for (i = 0; i <= 1; i++) {
    $.getJSON('https://api.verystream.com/file/info?file=' + verystream_ids[i], function(data) { 
      var text = `Date: ${data.result.` + verystream_ids[i] + `.name}<br>`

My problem is now here:

var text = `Date: ${data.result.` + verystream_ids[i] + `.name}<br>`

I need to add this variable verystream_ids[i] to my data.result.$VARIABLE$.name to get results. How can I add the variable correctly?

Here is a Picture of the JSON. IMG


To access the keys of an object by a variable you need to use bracket notation:

var text = `Date: ${data.result[verystream_ids[i]].name}<br>`;
  • is not working. Error: TypeError: data.result[verystream_ids[i]] is undefined. – FrenchToast May 14 at 11:46
  • Could you edit the question to give an example of what the value of data and verystream_ids is – Rory McCrossan May 14 at 13:04

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