I want to create trigger on my db2 table. Trigger will send message on queue. I did this with my IBM MQ on Docker + db2 z/os on mainframe. But now I want all do this on my laptop on docker. But i can't find good image on dockerhub (with db2express-c and mq). Command enable_MQFunctions on my db2express-c is, of course, not working because Db2 can't find MQ lib (enable_MQFunctions: error while loading shared libraries: libmqm.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory) Any tips?


AFAIK there are no examples of IBM MQ + DB2 in a single container image. There are example images of IBM MQ in a container and the source for it is here.

You will have to take the source and modify it to install DB2 as well and then modify the command program (runmqserver) to also set up DB2.

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