I am new to react PWA. I have problem while caching files at serviceWorker.js

It seems I can not cache files inside src folder, only files inside public can cache

my Directory structure is as follow

* Home
* Home.js
* Home.css

Below is the code from serviceWorker.js

var cacheName = 'testPWA-v1';
var filesToCache = ['../','./index.html','./192_icon.png','../src/Components/Home/Home.js'];
caches.open(cacheName).then(function(cache){console.log('[testPWA - ServiceWorker] Caching app shell...');
cache.addAll(filesToCache); })

Below is the code from mainifest.json
{"short_name": "graypwa",
"name": "gray png pwa",
"icons": [
{"src": "./192_icon.png",
"sizes" : "192x192",
"start_url": ".",
"display": "standalone",
"theme_color": "#000000",
"background_color": "#ffffff"

Error :
serviceWorker.js:64 GET http://localhost:3000/src/components/Home/Home.js 500 (Internal Server Error)

?uid=ijqmndijrt@408@1557772200:1 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Request failed

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