I was wondering if it is possible to use a variable as an argument in this case.

This is the code that I have:

def text_get_position(x, y, position):

    if position == "midleft":
        text_position = text_to_screen.get_rect(midleft=(x, y))
    elif position == "midright":
        text_position = text_to_screen.get_rect(midright=(x, y))
        text_position = text_to_screen.get_rect(center=(x, y))

I want to do something like:

def text_get_position(x, y, position):
        text_position = text_to_screen.get_rect(position=(x, y))

I am sorry if it is already asked but I tried to look around and couldn't find a solution. Thanks in advance.


Yes, you can pass the named ("keyword") arguments as a dictionary. Note the ** in front of the dictionary.

def text_get_position(x, y, position):
    text_position = text_to_screen.get_rect(**{position: (x, y)})
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    Thank you so much, this was exactly what I was looking for. – programmer May 14 at 19:04

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