I have a web file uploader program. I use AngularJS FileUploader to pre-process the files before sending them to the backend. Works file for zip and text files for example. I test for the file type and reject if not one of those. But now that I need to add support for MS Outlook .msg files I am running into a problem. When I output file.type to the console on a .msg file it is blank. So of course when I test for application/vnd.ms-outlook it fails.

Cannot find a solution online. Most want to know what the mime type is to check against but if AngularJS is reporting null then there is no need to test it with a mime type.

    .controller('UploadController', function($location,$rootScope,$scope,$state,FileUploader){
   $scope.error_msg = null;

   var myupload = $scope.uploader = new FileUploader({

      fn: function(item,options) (
      console.log('The file type is'+item.type);

I just want item.type to get the file's mimetype so I can test for it in a if/else statement.


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