If I do the following on my iPad Pro 11 inch:

  1. Turn off Wifi and turn on airplane mode
  2. Open our iOS PWA

It says “Safari cannot open the page “http://www.example.com” because your iPad is not connected to the internet.”

  1. If I then turn on Wifi and turn off airplane mode, it still has the same message.

  2. If I force-close the iOS app and open it again it still has the same message.

  3. If I delete the PWA and reinstall it then the message goes away.

  4. Or if I shut down the iPad and restart it, the message goes away.

I don’t have any PWA service workers and haven’t really looked into what they are and what is needed. Do I need to have one to eliminate the behaviour described? And if so, what should it be?

  • Have you tried to reset your network settings? – jess May 15 at 15:24
  • @jess Which ones? – user1946932 May 15 at 21:37

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