I recently ran across this code from a stackoverflow question:

class NetlistKind(IntEnum):
  Unknown = 0
  LatticeNetlist = 1
  QuartusNetlist = 2
  XSTNetlist = 4
  CoreGenNetlist = 8
  All = 15

def __contains__(self, item):
  return  (self.value & item.value) == item.value

What does the @unique decorator do, and what is its purpose in this code snippet?


From the documentation (thanks @HFBrowning):

[@unique is] a class decorator specifically for enumerations. It searches an enumeration’s members gathering any aliases it finds; if any are found ValueError is raised with the details

Basically, it raises an error if there are any duplicate enumeration values.

This code

 class Mistake(Enum):
     ONE = 1
     TWO = 2
     THREE = 3
     FOUR = 3

Produces this error:

ValueError: duplicate values found in <enum 'Mistake'>: FOUR -> THREE

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